Why Him

I don’t know where to begin… so much has happen. Well to start off with we’re going on our ninth day here at the hospital. My poor baby boy, has had three procedures and looks like he is having another in the morning. I hate this feeling, its like I’m suffocating inside I cant take away his pain. I just don’t know what to do with this helplessness. All because of an appendix rupture and it has turned my world upside down. Why my baby? My heart is crying…


So tired of sickness…

My house has been just like a big circle of sickness, one is sick and then the next. But I seem to be in constant rotation! Why??? The joys of mother hood sleeping with the sick toddler and waking up once again sick the next day. Buy can someone explain to me how Daddy is never ever sick it seems! And leaves and goes to work so excited to escape our black hole of sickness. We have fevers warm to high, allergies, coughing that never ends, and sore throats that eliminate happy chatter, watering eyes and vomiting just to name the main fun things. So hopefully I’m seeming the light at the end of the tunnel and things start to clear up soon.👍🏽


First Day of Spring

Its the first day of spring and its so cold outside. Well colder than we thought would be, being that it has been so warm lately here in North Carolina. We decided to go to the State Farmers Market. IMG_7966First we went to eat breakfast at the restaurant, it was delicious and we all enjoyed it. After we decided we would walk around and see what veggies and fruit we could find. There wasn’t much out to see being that it was colder today. I guess a lot of people stayed in. I know we didn’t stay as long as intended being that we had also left Jessa’s stroller at home. Not the brightest on our parts, but Daddy carried her anyways.

This week has been a bit of a rough week with my sinus plus more sickness. It would had been nice to check out for a few days, but instead me and Jessa were just a little extra lazy. And I’m so happy she decided to be accommodating to her Mommy. The boys were helpful as well with the cleaning and I appreciate it greatly.

Well just wanted to say hi hey hello, and I’ll have some more blogs up this week.

Happy First day of Spring.





   IMG_7922 As I sit here eating my leftover unhealthy pizza from last night. I’m watching Jessa (toddler/ professional mess maker) rearrange the window stickers that she just put on the window the other night. I secretly rearrange them myself, just so I can watch her question her brothers about doing it. Hahaha the joy, anyways as I sip on her chocolate milk that I made her cuz she asked for it. But never drinks it, let’s just say I’m being proactive so I don’t have to pour more milk down the sink. Okay back to what I was saying I’ve been wondering ever since my sister asked me the question “What chores do I have Jessa do?”. And she only asked me this because she heard me pretty much giving the boys there marching orders. So I didn’t really know how to answer, so I let her help me with stuff but never really bothered with giving her actual chores. Well it got me thinking, so I need to figure this out. How do I feel about giving my 2 year old chores. A lot of times I find myself asking her to do something that takes her a lot more time than if I were to do it myself. So here are a few things that she actually helps with;
– loading or unloading washer and dryer
-folding towels (this is a disaster)
-retrieving hangers out of rooms/closets that are reachable
-give Spicy(the cat) treats/ food & water
-she try’s to sweep (just so I can do it again)
Okay so those are some things I can think of that she actually does or helps with on a regular basis. FullSizeRender 10
So do I actually call these chores? I do feel like her doing these little things are giving her some responsibility. Maybe I should have her help out more often in her room with putting away her toys. So my little girl is growing up and soon will be three, and I’m thinking about chores. Just seems a bit much; I think I’ll stick to the little things that she helps with. Getting her to take a nap so Mommy can have a small break, seems more of an achievement now days.





IMG_7612 2  Am I the only one that can here my screaming inside my head. How can something make so much since to me, but no one else seems to get it.

I don’t want to argue, I don’t want to complain. Just get it please. I know this is wishful thinking, that’s just not how life seems to work. Sometimes  my inner thoughts seem to be exploding inside me just trying to get out.

Okay I’m over it I just need to vent.

Thanks for listening. =)



     Sometimes the hardest thing as a parent is making sure each child gets all the attention that they need. Especially when there is more than one child. Well I have three, and my boys are older than their sister. Not only just because we decided to wait to have more children, but because my two oldest kids I already had when I met my fiance. My fiance and I have been together now for 7 years. And just a reminder my boys are 9 & 10. So as my Dad love to always remind my fiance when we first started dating or maybe the first two years that I’m a “package deal”. It wasn’t just me it was us three. And I know it has not always been the easiest transition between the guys but now I have to say that I have no doubt that my kids love him and he loves my boys.

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The Struggle 

     Why does that alarm seem so loud every Monday morning. I contemplate my boys staying at home with me, and for the next few minutes my bed is too comfortable to move. The silence in the house is perfect, beautiful, and ideal. Why would I ever want to leave this heavenly slumber, after a long weekend.
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Sleepless Nights

I’m not sure which is worse or which keeps me up more at night. My lovely toddler or my insomnia!!! Someone please tell me why it’s so hard for me to just fall asleep. And then when I am sleepy it’s like Jessa(the toddler/sleep depriver) is like no lets party and stay awake all night. And of coarse I have to let Daddy go to sleep because he has to get up in the morning for work. But me I’m just a stay at home mom right?

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Happy Mornings

I woke up extra happy this morning, Why? Because I was child free for a few hours before bed! All three kids decided to leave and go with Grandma. Yay me right? Well this is a big deal because my toddler is about to turn three and this is her first time staying away from home over night this long. We facetime her a few times. The first time she was still bubbly having the time of her life, and the second time it had kicked in she couldn’t sleep with Mommy and Daddy. She was wining while her brother Korby tried to calm her. He told her it would be okay and she could see us in the morning. Did I mention I love this little boy, he is great with his sister. So the third time we facetime, she was sleeping peacefully with Grandma. I don’t know how peaceful Grandma is gonna sleep being that Jessa is a rough sleeper I’ll find out later this morning.So my second reason I’m happy this morning is that I have the good news that I am not pregnant! But two of my sisters are! And this is a laughing matter because neither knows that the other is pregnant. They both have confided in me that they are pregnant and neither has told the other. Now for one of my sisters this is her fourth baby and for my other sister this will be her first. All babies are a big deal but you know there is nothing like your first. So hopefully this doesn’t cause in trouble for my sister with this being her first. I really hope she doesn’t feel that her shine has been stolen. I’m excited for both to be honest, I’m excited to be an auntie again and not a Mommy. 

So as you can tell I’m just basking in my moment of freedom! I’m not pregnant and child free for another few hours! Now to decide how adventuress I am this morning, my fiance is trying to take me zip-lining. Wish me luck. .  

Easy Days

     No one ever said life would be easy, but I do believe that some days just seem to flow way better. I have a great family and though we may have disagreements I wouldn’t change them for the world. My family is a large one and seems to just keep growing, but I love it. I went to church with my Mother today and then after church went to visit my Dad. And then my Mother-N-law came for a visit to drop the boys off that evening. This is a good day, I was surrounded by loved ones and even though we had some stressful events we also had great news being shared. The love out ways the bad and I know we will all be there for one another at the end of the day.       And truth be told I’ll take my large erratic family any day over the ones that are putting on a show for the rest of the world pretending to be normal. We truly just keep life interesting and it just gives us something to talk about. 

     So honestly I’m just happy for the days I have that are just easy and filled with love. Because who knows the next day can be filled with bad news and teachers calling or the toddler who just refuses to take her nap!